About Us

ENERGY SCIENCE SOCIETY OF INDIA (ESSI), established in July 2013 and its office is located in Puducherry. The objective of the ESSI is mainly to promote & share the knowledge in ENERGY SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY including all conventional energy resources, nuclear fission & nuclear fusion energy, renewable energies, green energies, bio fuel & energy, energy storage science & technology, geothermal energy, electrochemical energy, energy efficient devices & technologies, sustainable energy and any other new area in energy science emerging in future.


The society is presently administered by nine members, Executive Council of nine members elected once in two years consist of President, Secretary, Treasurer and six members. The council meets minimum two times in a year. The executive council can be strengthened by additional members if the requirement arises in future. The Annual General Meeting of the members is normally to be held during the time ESSI sponsored conference. Presently, day to day administration is provided by the society’s Executive Council headed by the President. Out of all energy related research topics, if sufficient interest arises in particular area, additional chapters of the Society can be established in the future.


The major envisaged activities of the society are: To popularise the ENERGY SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY among the educational and research institutions and the general public of India by
  • Arranging lectures on various aspects of ENERGY SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
  • Striving to include ENERGY SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY in colleges and universities-curricula
  • Conducting of symposium, conferences, panel discussions, workshops, etc. and taking-up any other suitable activity.
  • Publication of ESSI Journal, a bi-annual technical journal containing scientific & academic papers on research subject related to energy, energy utilization, technical notes and other items of interest of those involved in energy research and development